Do You Tip a Massage Therapist Who Comes to Your House? 10 Comments From People

As someone who values relaxation and well-being, I recently found myself facing a conundrum that many may relate to: do you tip a massage therapist who comes to your house?

To unravel this quandary, I took to the digital streets and gathered insights from individuals who have experienced in-home massages.

Chart of People Who Tip a Therapist who comes to House

Percentage of People Who tip Therapist who come to House

The chart shows that the majority of people who tip therapists who come to home tip in the medium range, at 30%. The low and high ranges make up 20% and 40% of the data, respectively.

Most of the poeple agreed on 15-20% tip of total bill.

Also, Here’s what they had to say:

Do You Tip a Massage Therapist Who Comes to Your House? 10 Comments From People

1. @ZenMaster89:

I believe tipping is a must. The convenience of having a massage at home is unparalleled, and acknowledging the effort with a tip is a small price to pay for the luxury.

2. @WellnessEnthusiast:

Absolutely tip! Just because the massage is at home doesn’t mean the skill and effort are any less. It’s a service, and tipping is a sign of appreciation.

3. @NoNonsenseNick:

I’m all for a good massage, but I don’t tip for in-home sessions. The fee is usually higher for the convenience, and tipping on top of that seems excessive.

4. @MellowMoments:

Tipping is customary, even for in-home massages. It’s a gesture of gratitude, especially considering the therapist carries their equipment to your doorstep.

5. @WellnessWarrior:

I’ve had massages both ways, and I tip only if the therapist owns the business. If they’re an employee, the tip goes towards their skill, not the overhead.

6. @RelaxationRoyalty:

I always tip 20% or more for in-home sessions. The comfort of my home is worth the extra appreciation, and it ensures a great therapist keeps coming back.

7. @LogicalLily:

I’m all about fairness. If the therapist owns the business, I tip. If it’s a company sending someone, I’ve already paid a premium, so no extra tip from me.

8. @BalancedBeing:

Tip for exceptional service, regardless of location. It’s about recognizing skill and effort, and a good therapist deserves that acknowledgment.

9. @EasyGoingEva:

I’m a bit on the fence, but leaning towards tipping for exceptional service. If the therapist goes above and beyond, they deserve the extra recognition.

10. @ThriftyTherapy:

I only tip if the massage is outstanding. In-home or not, exceptional service deserves a little extra. Otherwise, the standard fee is enough.

In conclusion, the consensus leans towards tipping, with many emphasizing the importance of recognizing the therapist’s effort and skill. While some factor in ownership and premium fees, the overarching sentiment is clear: if the service is noteworthy, show your appreciation with a tip, even if the massage table is set up in your living room.

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